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Montréal, mars 2021 – Following the release of the single La nuée, accompanied by a music video that counts nearly 100,000 views, Montreal composer Simon Leoza returns with Bloom, the new single from his debut album Albatross, to be released on April 30th via Rosemarie Records. The accompanying video was recorded during a concert at Palais Montcalm in Quebec City on February 4th.

Bloom was created from the idea that everything (phenomenon or being) takes a long time to develop and reach its flora. The flagship piece of the album Albatross, it evolved and was shaped in concert for several years before being crystallized in the studio. Little by little, each instrument, each sound, takes the time to appear, gently mingling with what is already in place. Like a flower in its environment, the juxtaposition of instruments causes the piece to develop gradually until it reaches full blossoming. The piano is very intimate at first and the more the strings appear, the further the piano moves away, giving way to a new lease of life. The strings also start very intimately, one voice at a time, eventually ending in an eight-part arrangement, interspersed with rich instrumentation highlighting the French horn. Both intimate and grandiose, this piece represents Simon Leoza’s musical identity and that of the album Albatross.

Simon Leoza‘s cinematic, ambient and moving music evokes Nils Frahm and Max Richter as much as Ólafur Arnalds and Philip Glass. Endowed with a natural versatility and without any musical training, he has instinctively developed his own musical language over the years, which he communicates to his collaborators and musicians for the production of his works. With over 3.5 million streams online, his first three EPs captured the attention of national and international critics, who described his works as melancholic and grandiose, blending mellow acoustics and dreamlike landscapes steeped in nostalgia

Kay Productions Musique Inc.
Composer :
Simon P. Castonguay
Arrangements :
Blaise Borboën-Léonard, Simon P. Castonguay
Mix :
Tonio Morin-Vargas, L’Excellent Studio du Québec
Mastering :
Richard Addison, Trillium Sound

Source: Rosemarie Records
Gérance: Sarah Labelle –
Booking: Rosemarie Records – Vincent Quirion |