21/01/22 – Toronto – Massey Hall
24-25-27/01/22 – Montréal – Théâtre Rialto
29/01/22 – Ottawa – Centre National des Arts
31/01/22 – Québec – Grand Théâtre

Chilly Gonzales avec Stella Le Page (violoncelle), Marine Goldwaser (clarinette basse), Yannick Hiwat (violon mezzo Amandine Robillard (theremin) et Victor Le Masne (percussion)

Réalisation : Toddla T

“Music is back and the shows are back to back
Music is back like the clap on a backing track
Music is back so grab your mask and a vax
Now scratch the past this is the aftermath

Music is back like Johann Sebastian Bach
Like Burt Bacharach or Ratatat
Music is back and abstract like yackety-yack yak when I rapidly rap rap
And you have to react

Music is back with the heaviest gravitas
But so is the laughing gas
Music is back and I’m jacked with this battery pack strapped to my back
And that ass just has to be slapped

Music is back
Music is back and I can’t relax
Music is back
No caveats
Music is back
Music is back just imagine that
Music is back
No caveats

Music is back and I’m back in my habitat
Doing my tightrope act like acrobats
Music is back two shows for half of the cash
We just had to adapt to get back in the black

Music is back and it’s got two hands attached
To this Bechstein, that’s a Cadillac

 Music is back, music is smack, music is crack
Music is that which you lack when you’re trapped that’s a fact
Music is back not the crap on your Apple Mac
Fuck a stream, fuck a screen, I get cataracts
Music is back cut the crap no panic attacks
Now I just laugh in the bath now that we have it back

 Music is back
Music is back and I can’t relax
Music is back
No caveats
Music is back just imagine that
Music is back
No caveats”

Source : Gentle Threat