Information : Simon Fauteux / Patricia Clavel

Montréal, May 2021 – Following the release of his debut album Albatross last month, Montreal composer Simon Leoza (previously known as Tambour) will present a virtual concert on May 25th at La Maison Symphonique de Montréal on his Facebook page at 8:00 p.m. The performance will also be broadcasted simultaneously on the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal’s Facebook page, partner of the event.

Accompanied by an ensemble of seven musicians including string quintet, synthesizers and French horn, Simon Leoza will present his new pieces for the very first time on stage.

Assuring the visual signature of the show, visual artist and interaction designer Jérôme Delapierre from Studio Eden Creative (Cirque du Soleil, Marvel / Disney, Niyaz, Alexander Wang) created a bespoke video mapping set highlighting the singular architecture of La Maison Symphonique.

Both intimate and grandiose, this first Albatross concert will immerse spectators in the heart of a memorable audiovisual work.

Piano, synthesizers, glockenspiel:
Simon Leoza
Synthesizers, viola vibraphone: Blaise Borboën-Léonard
Violon 1: Gabrielle Richard
Violon 2: Amanda Gibeau
Viola: Marilou Lepage
Cello 1: Karine Bouchard
Cello 2: Anne-Louise Gilbert
French horn: Maude Lussier
Producer: Alexan Artun – Rosemarie Records
ExecutiveProducer: Sarah Labelle
Art direction: Sarah Labelle et Simon Piché-Castonguay

« Leoza managed to create a soundtrack for images that move behind each window, whether the latter’s made of glass, an eyepiece, or a guarded soul. And suddenly, when you are listening to Albatross, you’re listening to music made for you. » – Headphone Commute

« Une très très belle découverte! » – Catherine Brisson (98.5)

« J’ai de grands frissons à écouter ce qu’il fait » – Sabrina Cournoyer (Salut Bonjour)

« Nous passons ici de l’intime au grandiose, de l’orchestral à l’électro. Et tout ça se conjugue avec beaucoup de classe » – Geneviève Bouchard (Le Soleil)

« Un récit cinématographique esthétiquement majestueux » – Jocelyn Legault (ARP)

Source: Rosemarie Records
Gérance : Sarah Labelle –
Booking : Rosemarie Records – Vincent Quirion |