Emilie-Claire Barlow

Clear Day

Releases 10th Studio Album October 23

Informations : Simon Fauteux / Audrée Loiselle

«Really an excellent album … I’m dazzled!»
Paul Blakemore – Grammy Award Winning Engineer

«On that warm summer night in a crowded jazz club,
I fell in love. Emilie-Claire swept me from the first perfectly delivered note and has managed to hold my interest since” – CHRY 105.5FM

“Toronto’s Emilie-Claire Barlow is One of Canada’s Most Loved Jazz Artists.” – CBC

“Emilie-Claire Barlow’s musical imagination sets her apart from her female jazz singer peers.” – Toronto Jazz

«Clear Day» Emilie-Claire Barlow with the Metropole Orkest

With over 135,000 albums sold and a recording career that spans almost 20 years, Juno and Felix Award-winning jazz vocalist Emilie-Claire Barlow is poised to release her 11th album on October 23. «Clear Day» tells a story of the last 4 years of Barlow’s life with daringly -arranged and imaginatively- chosen songs. This highly anticipated album ushers in a new phase of Emilie-Claire’s career.

This international production sees Canada’s «Vocal Jazz Jewel» collaborating with the Grammy Award winning Metropole Orkest, Holland’s internationally acclaimed jazz orchestra. The 70-piece ensemble, conducted by Jules Buckley,lift Emilie-Claire’s stunning vocals and inventive arrangements with a soaring and exhilarating sound. Peter Gabriel’s ‘Scratch My Back» arranger/orchestrator, John Metcalfe, contributes inspiring orchestrations of Coldplay’s «Fix You» and Queen’s «Under Pressure» to the ambitious recording.

The project began with her experiences four years ago as an observer and guest performer on the icebreaker CCGS Amundsen, sailing through the Northwest Passage to Resolute in Nunavut. It was a time for Barlow to take stock of her life and make significant changes. As personal revelations were gradually reimagined into universal ones, the ambitious «Clear Day» began to take shape as a concept album with a narrative – an almost revolutionary move in an age where the streaming single track rules.

Her choice of repertoire covers 14 songs from a wide range of genres and eras. With songs by Paul Simon, Coldplay, Van Morrison and Queen — this collection reflects Emilie-Claire’s willingness to break ground and take risks.

“With this album, I’m reaching for something bigger, more challenging and more personal,” Barlow said. «It’s a bit of a departure for me, and it represents my growth as a person and as a musician. I hope that my audience is willing to come along on this journey with me.»

«Clear Day – Emilie-Claire Barlow with the Metropole Orkest» is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

Source : Empress Music Group / eOne